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tech Advisory

Our Technology Management Advisory service establishes an executive level relationship with our clients, empowering us to work across the table from their Management to operationalize and deliver their Technology Organization’s alignment with their business objectives, instead of operating as a company outsider.
    Our Technology Management Advisory service is efficient, as clients trust us as their leadership on staff and available 24/7 to work strategically to mitigate IT related operational risk and manage the related Infrastructure systems or are in the process of hiring the right Technology leader.
Podvisory can function as your Trusted Advisor to ensure you leverage your existing team efficiently

Product Engineering

With nearly 3500 designers, architects, and software engineers around the world, we are well positioned to plug the right talent, execute the mature processes (Agile, QA), and develop tools to accelerate your product development.
We can help you Architect. Build and Scale leading edge platforms that drivesgrowth for you.
And we’re just getting started– by empowering you with extended teams of engineers who work just as your internal teams who will work with you to solve tomorrow’s most challenging problems.
We’re passionate about adding top talent to our clients

Process Assessment & Audit

Process Discovery

Discover and identify performance trends, bottlenecks, and process gaps.
Measure productivity and performance against industry best practices
Interview key stakeholders

Real-Time Analytics & Insights

Document variances across People Processes ,and Productivity Continuously monitor operational drifts and inefficiencies

Operational Improvement

Recommend best practices and factors that drive operational excellence• Determine which workflows will benefit most from automation and directly measure your post-automation RO

Experience Design

Customer Experience Design

We combine human centered design with leading edge technology to deliver compelling and transformational experiences.

Agile Developement

Our designers and developers work in tandem to bring products and services to market quickly, while maintaining design excellence

Realize the true value of Design

Growth Strategy

We help businesses drive new growth by identifying unmet needs in the market and converting them into meaningful opportunities for our clients.

Design Transformation

We work alongside visionary leaders to build the internalcapabilities and processes required to deliver exceptional experiences for years to come.

Our Engagement Models


Dedicated Pod for each Engagement

Flexible and Agile Resourcing

Quick Ramp up & Ramp down

Extended teams

Virtual Onboarding

Operational Project Manager/Engineering Manager